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Like most new businesses the Red Wing Shoe Company started up in a small town, but unlike many new businesses the Red Wing Shoe Company quickly grew into a large international company. The company is now known for its unique blend of quality, tradition and style in footwear.

It all started in 1905, in the quiet river town of Minnesota when Charles H Beckman started up the Red Wing Shoe Company and sold his first Pair of shoes for $1.75. From humble beginnings the company grew rapidly and became a true American success story. In 1907, 100 pairs of shoes a day were being produced and by 1915 the annual production was 200,000 pairs. In 1921 J R Sweasy was appointed president of the company and he spent the next 30 years successfully growing and improving the company.

The Red Wing Company became well known for its army boots as it provided the US soldiers of World War 1 with their standard boot. During World War 2 the US military again chose to use the legendary boots for their soldiers.

By the late 1960's, business was booming and the company expanded into other areas of the globe.

What is it about this boot that has made it so popular and successful?

Red Wing has stood the test of time and proven itself to the world. Having survived and strengthened through two World Wars, the great depression and numerous fashion wars, Red Wing has shone through never faltering in quality, comfort and durability.

Red Wing Made With Top Quality Materials

Each Red Wing shoe is primarily hand made using the highest quality materials selected according to the deployment of the shoe. Starting with the first class full grain leather and moving on to the lining and insoles. Infact every step of the Red Wing shoe production is carried out meticulously by highly experienced staff.

It is not just the material selection that makes these shoes so unique. It's the craftsmanship involved as each step of production is inspected before the next step is commenced. From the raw piece of leather to the final shoelace inspection, the staff pride themselves on producing the finest quality footwear you'll ever find.

Red Wing Boots of such high quality deserve to be cared for properly. It's simple, if you care for your boots they will last longer. Keep your boots clean and properly conditioned to keep them flexible, durable and water resistent for years. It's also advisable to protect your boot from dirt, oils and water by applying a leather protector as this will enable your boot to handle every condition.

A Red Wing boot is designed to last for years through all sorts of conditions, providing you care for it by using the conditioning products available. You can even buy accessories to go with your boot such as socks, insoles, fancy laces, belts and caps.

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