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The words "Harley-Davidson Motor Company" are crudely written on the door of a small wooden shed in a backyard in Milwaukee, America. Inside, 21 year old William Harley and his 20 year old best friend Arthur Davidson, work on building a motorcycle. To them it was just a motor cycle, but to the American public and the rest of the world it was certainly not just any motor cycle. What they built in that shed was the foundations of what was to become a unique Harley Davidson motor cycle designed to be a racer and a luxury ride. And so from these humble beginnings in 1903 an American icon was formed.

Growth of the Harley Davidson business quickly became quite rapid. In the first 2 years of production 3 motor cycles were built and by the year 1907 a much larger staff of 18 people were employed and 150 motorcycles had been built. Consequently the business had to move into a much larger factory. Dealer recruitment targeting the New England region had begun and police began buying the bikes to apprehend criminals. And the Harley Davidson motor company became incorporated.

The Harley Davidson name and reputation was growing. A new breed of motor cycle known as the Harley Davidson was taking the world by storm. That name is now synonymous with motor cycles all over the world.

Today it is more than just a motor cycle. It is an image that has been trademarked for its authentic transmission, loud motor and distinct frame.

Harley Boots & Bike - A Way Of Life

But it is more that the bike itself. Today there is a must have wardrobe that goes with owning a motor cycle of this caliber.

From the bucket helmet and leather jacket right down to the intricately designed leather boots.

For many owning this prestigious motor cycle is like being a part of a brotherhood. There is a certain image to uphold. Amongst the general public there is a stereotype of tough, leather clad, tattooed men riding around in gangs and whilst this is sometimes the case for many, they own the bike simply because they love the machine itself.

However ownership of the motorcycle never feels complete until you own all of the gear, no matter what your reason is for owning the bike. Today even the boots offer their own level of individuality, as they may be sleek or rugged, buckled or plain, feminine or bold.

It is undeniable that the Harley Davidson motor cycle, like the boots that are designed to go with it, create the spirit of freedom. And that is the heart and sole of this unique motor cycle.