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Danner boots are a well recognised brand because the Danner company has been around since 1932. The Danner bootmaking company opened it's doors with five employees and sold boots for less than four dollars a pair until Charles Danner found that a competitor was selling their own boots for twenty dollars a pair! Soon after the boot company were manufacturing a new and more expensive style of boot. The expansion didn't stop there, they began making boots for hiking that were light, flexible, sturdy and comfortable.

The technology involved in developing these boots is second to none. With technology such as Terra Force, Mountain Chassis, Stichdown and Handsewn it sounds like you're choosing a car rather than a pair of boots. But it's this technology that makes these boots so good. Terra Force is all about stability for your sole, where Mountain Chassis provides a hiking style appearance to the boot. Then there's your classic Stichdown boot that takes on a more military appearance and the Handsewn boots by Danner are for the more traditional boot lover.

What ever the style, it's important that you get a boot that's a good fit. It's important that your boots don't crowd the toes, but holds the heel while providing enough width to house your foot and the average sock. When you are purchasing a pair of boots make sure you lace them up properly and go for a bit of a walk around, maybe up some steps or down a ramp to try and simulate the outdoors - if you have doubts in the shop then you'll have doubts after you buy them.

Danner Boots Are A Well Recognised Brand

Caring for your boots when you get them home can significantly increase their life span. Taking good care of your boots really isn't hard at all. All you have to do is clean them with a cloth under warm water, that'll wash away most of the fine dust particles that can get in a ware the leather and stiching.

Once you clean your boots you'll need to re-waterproof them. Even if you purchased boots made from Gore Tex it's a good idea to waterproof the leather every now and them. After cleaning your boots the leather can tend to dry out a bit if they are not moisturized. A condition is a great way to keep them subtle and stop them from cracking.

The Danner company manufacture a boot called Airthotic. Airthotic boots have been approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Today the Danner Company make a huge range of boots for a wide variety of activities. All these boots are manufactured in a 30,000 square foot factory in Oregon, USA. They manufacture and sell quality products and have years of experience behind them when it comes to boot making.