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Ugg boots reviews for April 16, 2015


Wow!  Some of the most recent ugg boot releases have been nothing short of gorgeous!  I'd say this will really boost the popularity of uggs - they were incredibly popular when they were dull - with the fantastic new colors and ranges manufacturers are putting out they're sure to become even bigger!

If You're Looking To Buy Ugg Boots You Must Check Out For The Truth!

The honesty of this major ugg boot retailer has to be admired - you'll be amazed at what he says. And it will ensure you get the best ugg boots at the best price.

Everyone Is Wearing Uggs Boots In Europe

I've just come back from reviewing footwear trends in Europe and was amazed at how popular ugg boots are in London, Paris and Rome.  I even saw some people in the backs street of Venice wearing trusty uggs!

It's great to see their popularity all over the world.

Ugg Boots come in a huge variety of styles, colours and sizes. Ugg boots were traditionally developed for Australian surfers back in the 1960's, and since then they have become a world-leading fashion icon. The market demand is such for ugg boots today that companies are ensuring the manufacturing of the highest quality and providing exceptional customers service.

Check out and read why they've stopped selling ugg boots now - it's a fascinating tale!

I've worn ugg boots for years and have found them to be a really comfortable and warm boot.  Over the years I've worn 'real' ugg boots - that is A Grade sheepskin and made in Australia - and pretenders - those imported from China and/or made with fake sheepskin.  below are some A Grade quality sheepskin boots from (I visited their major supplier and saw for myself what the best sheepskin is - one of the tests was they try and tear the sheepskin.  The B & C Grade sheepskin tears like paper.  With the A Grade sheepskin they use for their ugg boots almost nothing will tear it.  A Grade ugg boots are a little bit more expensive, but they're well worth the extra few dollars).

Ugg Boot Footwear Companies In Trouble Over Labelling

Two companies making "Ugg Boots" are in trouble in Australia for mis-labelling their boots. Turns out, these two ugg boot firms labelled their ugg boots as having "100 per cent wool linings or Australian Merino wool", which they did not. The ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) found that the linkings were actually made of artificial materials, including polyester and polypropylene.

This is a big deal, not only because it violates the trust of the customer, but because it degrades the name of Australian Merino Wool. The Merino is a breed of sheep, and represents the ultimate in wool fibre.

High grade wool, like that from the Merino, is the very best you can get - and thats what your ugg boots should be made from, to give you the most comfortable ugg boot experience!

Click here for the full story.

Aussies Win Back Ugg Boot Name

The term "ugg boots" has been a controversial one for a number of years.  The term has been used so much in Australia over the years that the locals consider it a generic word.  Like "shirt".  Basically, a pair of ugg boots is a pair of sheepskin boots.  And you can't trademark generic words.  But a couple of years ago Deckers did that in Australia and then sent letters threatening legal action to any Australian retailer selling ugg boots.

They needn't have worried by the sounds of the people at

Ugg Boots Having Impact In Paris in October 2006

Paris fashion leaders have praised the humble ugg boots as leading the charge toward choosing boots for fashion this season.

"It was a quirky and interesting way to wear a boot," says Sojin Lee, retail and buying director of fashion e-tailer, "and it catapulted how people saw the way that they could wear boots."

And sales of ugg boots are well up.  I've just been speaking with the guys over at and they report a stronger than normal November in terms of boot sales.  They're a good bunch over there - well worth buying from.

Celebrities Put Finishing touches To Uggs

Celebrities Teri Hatcher, Cindy Crawford and Faith Hill have decorated pairs of UGG boots to assist fundraising for the Danny Thomas-founded St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Starting Thursday through Nov. 15, these ugg boots will be part of the Third Annual UGG Australia Art & Sole Celebrity Boot Collection, will be displayed in the Women's Shoes department at Nordstrom, 55 E. Grand.  These will be auctioned from Ebay on November 15.

Ugg boots are hand crafted to ensure the quality sheepskin is assembled to perfection. Meaning the ugg boots heel guards, sheepskin outer and soles are securely combined for a longer lasting product with a professional finish.

Ugg boots can be quite expensive as authentic sheepskin is involved and you have the added problem of ensuring you are purchasing genuine Australian ugg boots. Genuine ugg boots are manufactured predominately in Australia and available via online retailers. These boots meet the highest standards and are made from genuine Australian high quality sheepskin - ensuring a great boot for years to come.

The large range of ugg boots available in the market place today can make it difficult to select the best uggs for you. Authenticity, style and colour are the 2 major considerations when selecting. Ugg boots manufactured in China for leading US manufacturers may not be the best.

It is the sheepskin that makes your ugg boots so authentic and special.

One of the best ugg boots we review are those boots sold by Australian company The uggs from Brandboots are quality hand crafted boots made in Australia with real Australian sheepskin. Australia is the home to the official ugg boots icon and has been for many many years.

Great Ugg Boot Deals & Ugg Boots Aren't For Hiking!

Don't be fooled by companies that try and sell you uggs boots on the basis that ugg boots can be worn on the beach, hiking, etc.  That just isn't true.  These boots are basically a comfort boot that is best suited for inside wearing.  They're not waterproof and not in any way tough and durable.

Sure, the model might look great as she struts down to the beach in the promo shots - but those ugg boots will be next to useless by the time she gets her soggy feet back to the trailer!!  The boots will be basically ruined.

If you get great quality boots - by that I mean with authentic A Grade sheepskin - and give them a good coating of the special water repellent spray some brands sell - like these ugg boots seller - then the boots might be okay.  But just don't risk it with your uggs.  They're an indoor shoe - stick with that and you'll have years of comfortable wear from the top brands.

And don't get ugg boots from cheap importers - buy the real deal from the top manufacturers.

Along with uggs we will be reviewing a range of other boots such as motorcycle, women's and cowboy. There really are boots in a huge range of styles for a huge range of occasion.

Other Products

Hiking boots are another product reviewed on the site. Hiking boots are an extremely important aspect of outdoor pursuit adventurers as you spend a lot of time on your feet! Again there are a range of boots on the market, it's just knowing the right style to choose for you and for your specific adventure. It is important that the boots are waterproofed with Gore Tex for longer life and water proofing and that the boots have a slip resistant wedge sole for gripping tough terrain. Activities that require hiking boots include orienteering, bush walking, mountaineering and other activities where you're on your feet for long periods of time.

Boots will also be reviewed for young children. Manufacturers are getting smarter and producing quality boots for our smaller footwear buyer.  Which is a great thing!